How to put a job I quit due to a hostile work environment on my resume?

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TL;DR: I quit a small company due to a hostile work environment on short notice and will get a negative reference if the company is contacted. The work I did at the company is relevant to the types of positions I'll be applying for

I’m preparing to graduate in a few months. About two years back I worked at a very small software company doing QA stuff.

My boss had some form of high functioning autism and was very aggressive when things weren’t done as he would do them. People (myself included) would get yelled at for trivial mistakes. There were maybe 7 people in the company. During my time there, 2 people left, 2 were fired, and 3 or 4 were brought on. All students besides my boss and another senior level professional.

I ended up quitting the company to work a part time blue collar gig for more money and less stress. I gave very little heads up to the company, as there was an outburst from my boss right before I left. I helped train one of the new hires (prior service navy guy studying software engineering) who is more than competent, so I didn’t leave any large gaps in the company.

I would like to list this job as an internship on my resume (I was only there for four months) because the technologies I interacted with are somewhat relevant for the positions I would like to apply for. However, there is no way I would get a positive reference from my old boss.

Anyone have similar experiences or advice?

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