Many of us are making connections in our mind that others don’t. I believe we are hyper aware of reality on a different level than most people.

I think it depends on the nature and severity of the mental illness. Some mental illnesses cause the individual to make connections that others don’t. I believe autism is one where the individual is making too many connections in their mind which paralyzes their physical movements.

I think bipolar individuals on average make more connections between things than most people. This gets out of hand when you are manic. You start believing that these thoughts are the more important thoughts in the world. (God wants me to do this, aliens are coming, seeing things…).

I honestly think that with the right medication and right counseling, people will mental health issues are blessed with hyper awareness of reality. It is not some sort of “super power”. It is just something that we have. We are hyper aware of reality and it makes us go “crazy” as some regular folks would say.

Mental health is not a joke. We are not crazy. We are not blessed (even tho we could potentially use it for good). We are only burdened with the weight of reality that so many normal people forget.

If you just forget for a moment that you are the center of your world and meditate on the fact that we all are extras in someone else’s world, I think that by taking attention off yourself, you will feel less pressure and less anxiety and less depression. I say less… it will never be completely gone. Many of is are stuck with a life long struggle. And you have the choice and ability to live a balanced life which is at war with your mind.

With the help of medication, counseling, group therapy, music, art, dancing, relationships, God, religion, politics, friends, nature… I believe that you can do this. You CAN live a good life. You WILL get better with time.

I have a motto: Life will eventually get worse, but it will also eventually get better.

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