Anyone here professionally dx with ASPD?

Anyone here professionally dx with ASPD?

I have some questions for you:

– How did you get your diagnosis? I am curious to know if I fit the diagnostic criteria according to a professional. I meet all the criteria according to my knowledge. I’d like to undergo psychotherapy for impulsivity, chronic boredom and self destructiveness. I can’t afford it on my own, so I assume getting a diagnosis and resources could help. Is this a bad idea?

– What kind of things do I leave out of a psychiatric evaluation? Eg, do I leave out any mention of violent urges and homicidal ideation? Or do I admit to them, but refuse to go into specifics? Do I lie and say they diminished upon going on medication? Do I go into detail and risk being involuntarily held? The reason I ask is because I want the most accurate diagnosis and best treatment possible without inpatient.

– Any of you have comorbid GAD? I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I’ve heard people with ASPD cannot experience this because of their smaller amygdala and fear response.

– Any of you previously diagnosed and/or misdiagnosed with CPTSD? I have been diagnosed with it. Upon looking at the criteria… I don’t meet it. I don’t know why that happened. I never suggested it. However, I have experienced a lot of trauma. Does anyone know if the two can be confused?

– Any of you previously told you had autism? I have most of the female Asperger’s traits, except stimming, lack of eye contact, social ineptness (I have social anxiety that decreases in a pretty short amount of time). I am also obviously manipulative, understand some malicious intent, a pathological liar, etc. which are pretty major and quite the opposite of autistic traits.

– Any of you had a “conscience” when you took certain drugs? Eg, I took a high dose of Xanax and weed and instead of mellowing out, I had a panic attack and tripped out that I was actually a terrible person.

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